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Plot Edit

The Bastard Sword is an Action, Adventure, Fantasy film directed by Eveshka Ghost and was released on the 9th of December 2018.

The story follows A Fighter, A Thief and A Mystical Hermit who must reluctantly join forces on a quest through the forest of Soza to find a mythical relic. A Sword. The Bastard Sword.
The Bastard Sword - Movie Trailer

The Bastard Sword - Movie Trailer

Cast Edit

Xander Phillips as Tias

Seth Easterbrook as Ulysses

Martyn Eade as Mars

Danielle Thorpe as Nyx

Chris Wilson as Viktor

James McClusky as Lars

Gemma Comber as Lillia

Chris Comber as Nikolai

Myra Hanlon as The Lake Spirit

Production Edit

The Bastard Sword is the second film by Rusalka Pictures after The Granary in 2017.

It was filmed on the Sony A7s and the sound was dubbed completely

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